The Garden Wise owl with a book who knows everything about gardening
Design of a walled country garden in full colour and bloom Custom garden designs for large or small gardens Professional management and design of organic kitchen gardens Transformation of a normal garden into a vegetable patch skilled garden maintenance and development service specialist gardeners training plants plant nursery shop with specialist flowers and trees company growing plants from seed to sell at markets

Gardening Services - Whether it’s choosing new varieties to grow in our nursery, sitting at the drawing board creating garden designs, talking to local gardening groups and teaching students, planting fruit and vegetables in the walled garden, potting away in the poly-tunnel or just stopping to smell the roses… we both love doing what we do.

Garden Design Services
Local Plany Nursery Shop
Consulantancy and Advice on Garden Management

Over the last 20 years we have had the opportunity to work in some wonderful gardens gaining extensive and varied experiences in their management and development. In 2011 we formed Gardenwise, with the aim of offering a wide range of horticultural services catering for all of a garden and its owner’s needs.

We direct all of our experiences along with an abundance of passion into everything that we offer;

- Design and creation of beautiful gardens - Production of quality plants in our nursery - Informed and practical help and advice - Delivery of comprehensive gardening courses -

In the long term our ambition is to base all this from one site encompassing our nursery - Gardenwise plants and an inspiring display garden with teaching facilities. Something we are working hard to get underway, so watch out for us and we look forward to you visiting us in the near future.